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Call Rob Songer

April 25, 2012

New Project's will follow soon

About Us

My Path

I started my apprenticeship in 1978 and continued studying for 2 years after my 3rd year advanced craft, gaining a few awards that included my Silver Trowel. I worked for a few companies gaining much experience from 2 great tradesmen in particular and if was because of one of these my style is greatly based on. l also worked with many others and saw many techniques to avoid, seeing that they did not benefit the quality or the speed of work. From the age of 26 I was given my first job to look after and from there it developed into the role of site manager. I had many great years running jobs and was proud to win 2 craftsmanship awards for restoration and new builds. During the same time as this I became a part time lecturer at the college that trained me. This teaching brought many rewards in job satisfaction, and still does to this day. My job role changed from site manager to Buyer/Contracts Manager which again brought different but enjoyable challenges. At 37 I started full time lecturing which lasted 4 years before picking up my tools again and working on renovations in France and mid Suffolk. At present I am self employed, working on a variety on projects that range from extensions and decorative brick features, to all aspects of the building programme. I also still teach on a part time basis which is a perfect blend of work, keeping my hand in and working with new ways and techniques as well as showing students these on a practical level.

My Work

I have a wide range of contracts that I built, assisted and managed on ranging from
• Beach chalets and lifeboat shed
• School and offices
• House building and all types of groundworks
• Church repair/renovations
• Barn conversions
• Roadways
• Decorative works